MMA wrestler Jiří "BJP" Procházka is a fighter both in the ring and in life. For over 10 years, he has been fighting not only for better conditions for MMA athletes and the professionalization of MMA sports in the Czech Republic, but also for improving living conditions for seriously ill children and adolescents. His determination to help has resulted in the establishment of our BJP Foundation, which now covers all of these goals.

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What's happening at the BJP Foundation

Who and how we are currently helping:

Our Vision

Our vision is to help seriously ill children and adolescents. We try to support them, their families, and the medical facilities in which they are being treated. We believe in specific and transparent assistance that will help the young fighters make their battle or their own health at least a little more bearable.

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Our Mission

  • We help seriously ill children
    We provide material and psychological assistance to seriously ill children and adolescents. Our help is targeted. A specific story is behind each project.
  • We support the families of the young patients
    A child's illness seriously affects the whole family. We try to contribute to the mental well-being support not only of the treated children, but also of their parents.
  • We are improving the facilities of Czech hospitals
    We finance the purchase of necessary medical devices and other equipment for Czech hospitals.
  • We strive to improve the conditions of young patients throughout the Czech Republic
    We help to make the environment in which children are treated more pleasant and cosy. It is important that they feel good and safe during hospitalization and examinations.
  • We offer psychosocial support
    Taking care of the soul is as important as taking care of the body. That is why we help young patients and their families to cope with the illness from a psychosocial point of view.
  • We support the development of MMA
    We encourage young talents in their development. We fight for a better comprehensive care in sports and the professionalization of MMA sports in the Czech Republic.

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What is covered by the BJP FOUNDATION

Everyone can make their way to their dream destination. However, even more important than reaching the finish line is to set out on a journey at all.

At the BJP Foundation, we strive for the complexity of our assistance. Therefore, we help patients, their families, and medical facilities in all aspects. We financially support children's medical facilities to ensure they have sufficient funds to provide and purchase better equipment, whether it is new beds or the necessary medical equipment.

Among other things, we provide families with the help of trained psychologists and social workers who help them with the administration and training of informal caretakers. These make it easier for the parents to orientate themselves in their children's diagnoses, such as oncology, epilepsy, movement disorders, cerebral palsy, or autism, as well as teach the families how to live with them.

Last but not least, we support young talents on their journey through MMA and in the development of their talent. We strive for the professionalization of MMA sports in the Czech Republic.

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Give sick children a reason to smile again.

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What we accomplished

Number of kids we helped 200
Donated 1M CZK
11 partners

Our partners

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