We help children fulfil their biggest dream

The founder of our BJP Foundation is MMA fighter Jiří "BJP" Procházka, who has been actively helping for over 10 years. Our main goal is to provide targeted help to seriously ill children and adolescents. We want every child's story to turn out well and for each of the little warriors to have their greatest dream come true - to be healthy.

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Our Purpose:

  1. social and health care, in particular, support for ill children and adolescents through the purchase of material gifts and medical aids to improve their hospital stay
  2. providing financial donations to hospitals and medical facilities for the acquisition of devices to help more children in children's wards and for the purchase of medical devices to improve the lives of children and adolescent patients, including assistance to the disabled and their families,
  3. supporting child patients and their families and improving their quality of life during treatment, including support for seriously ill children with an uncertain prognosis of further recovery where further treatment options have been used up,
  4. supporting sports, physical education, leisure activities, and the prevention of socio-pathological phenomena, in particular support for the development of children in the field of martial sports and martial arts,
  5. support of the Czech MMA union and MMA representation, support of individuals to improve training conditions, provision of training aids and equipment, support of sports camps and coaches, support of sports clubs to improve training conditions for the young talents,
  6. organizing charitable events to raise funds to help specific projects or individuals,
  7. organization of sports tournaments, concerts, lectures, etc.,
  8. community service, volunteering, philanthropy, social responsibility, finding and implementing examples of good practice, and humanitarian and charitable aid.

BJP Foundation

  1. We always behave economically and minimize the costs of our administration and promotion.
  2. We are transparent in our activities and handling of financial donations.
  3. The Administrative Board approves all endowment contributions. The applicants are, in all cases, informed of the result.
  4. We regularly provide an independent financial audit. The results are always published in full.
  5. We publish a complete annual report with detailed information about our activities and management every year.
  6. We have due respect for our donors, cooperating companies, and institutions.
  7. We go, we believe, we can. Behind every story, we see a little warrior. We always believe that together we can win their fight for health.

Who are we

Jiří BJP Procházka

Jiří BJP Procházka

Founder of the BJP Foundation pomaham@nadacebjp.cz
Matěj Kretík

Matěj Kretík

Chairman of the BJP Foundation
Administrative Board
Michal Šauer

Michal Šauer

Member of the BJP Foundation
Administrative Board
Mgr. Alice Tobiášová, MBA

Mgr. Alice Tobiášová, MBA

CEO of the BJP Foundation alice.tobiasova@nadacebjp.cz
Mgr. Veronika Homolová

Mgr. Veronika Homolová

PR and administration veronika.homolova@nadacebjp.cz +420 778 014 014

Our partners

Do you have an idea how to help? We will be happy to discuss it with you. Let us know by sending us an email at pomaham@nadacebjp.cz.

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Víno Jarmila - Vinařství Kovacs
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