Gifts for the Children's Hospital in Brno

The policewoman Petra Deklevová has been spreading joy among small patients across hospitals for eight years now. This time the BJP Foundation joined her, and together, we cheered up the young patients of the Children's Hospital in Brno.

Jiří Procházka joined this exceptional event during last Christmas, and this year it could not have been any different. Again, help and joy were directed to the children and staff at the Children’s University Hospital in Brno.

Material gifts - used for entertainment, games, hygiene, clothing, but some also just for fun - were handed over directly to young hospitalized patients at Children’s University Hospital in Brno. Helping us was the fantastic staff of the hospital, led by Jiří Procházka and Alice Tobiášová, the CEO of the foundation, who knows best about the department and the needs of their young patients. The gifts made the children happy and helped at the One-Day Surgery Department represented by the senior doctor MUDr. Vladimír Bartl and at the Department of Paediatric Neurology represented by the senior doctor doc. Hana Ošlejšková.

At the same time, Associate Professor Ošlejšková received a check for 80,000 CZK from our foundation to contribute to a medical device for her paediatric neurology department. The staff of both departments was not forgotten, and the cosmetic packages certainly made them happy.

We are looking forward to continuing the beautiful tradition with the BJP Foundation next year.